Thursday, November 18, 2004

Terrell Owens....What a Dick.

Let's start with the numbers (courtesy of

Terrell Owens-9 Seasons- 647 catches for 9,456 yards and 93 touchdowns.
Randy Moss- 7 seasons- 551 for 8769 yards and 85 touchdowns.
Marvin Harrison-9 Seasons- 806 catches for 10,660 yards and 90 touchdowns.

Yeah, I'm officially sick of the "Terrell Owens/Randy Moss are the best recievers in football/should be MVP" arguments.

And it has little to do with those numbers.

Lets put them in context. Of the three, only Harrison has played his career in a steady, balanced offense with a reliable pro-bowl running back and a quarterback that could probably pull ten catches for 80 yards out of Marlin Brando circa the Island of Dr. Moreau. This only strenthens his case because Peyton can spread the ball. As the Vikings are finding out, Culpepper can't. Not yet, anyway.

Harrison is the only one who is reliable, consistent and most importantly, always comes to play. Marvin is a reciever, therefore blocking is against his nature, but he gets the job done and is in the top of the league at doing so.

But most of all...

Harrison just gets the job done.

No arrests for running over meter maids. No taking plays off because he's not getting thrown to. No fancy shmancy endzone celebrations. No MNF promos with middle age desperate ratings magnets. No trashing former QBs in Playboy. No screaming arguments with Peyton in the middle of a big game if things aren't going well.

All Marvin Harrison has done is, you know, BREAK THE SINGLE SEASON RECEPTIONS RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!

And still, Harrison did not win it.

Yet, when Terrell Owens takes an above average team that relies on its defense and coaching, and which was exposed versus the Steelers to a high winning mark, everyone jumps on the wagon. "Oh, he can gloat like that because he's the best."

Guess what? He's not.

He yelled at Donovan when things didn't go well, just like he yelled at Jeff "Rodny Dangerfield" Garcia. He's a problem that happens to put up good numbers.

Another huge point for Harrison: He makes his team better.

You think Edge is getting 4.5 ypc because of his imposing stature? No, its because teams are doubling up Harrison. And Marvin's still getting the job done.

But he doesn't make headlines. He goes out, wins games, makes catches, scores touchdowns. And he's done it more than TO.

TO is an amzing athlete. And he's having a great season, no doubt.

Unfortunately, he's doing so in the NFC East. And there' s more competition in the NHL than from the Cowboys and Skins this year. But no worries, they won the big game against the Steel---wait.

And when teams lock down on Staley and blitz McNabb, and T.O. doesn't get thrown to, instead of working harder over the middle, he's going to complain and yell at Donovan and Coach Reid.

But that's cool.

Because I have no doubt Marvin will get his ring first.

And he'll wear it with more pride than T.O. has in his pom-poms.

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