Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Since a playoff is simply too logical

With Boise State poised to go undefeated yet shut out of the national title picture, many fans will wonder what might have been. Would they still be undefeated if they played in a BCS conference? Would they even be bowl eligible? As long as they stay in the WAC they'll never get a fair shot, so why not let them into a BCS bowl? Hell, why not let any team that wins its "lesser" conference move into a BCS conference the next year to prove their mettle? It works for soccer.

With apologies to Matt, here's my idea - you'll probably get his take as soon as he reads this, anyway. Start with stratifying the conferences in I-A: the six BCS conferences are the top tier, then the WAC, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and C-USA as the second tier. The conference champion of each of the lesser conferences and a wild card team go to a BCS conference the next year and the bottom team from each BCS conference goes to a lesser conference.

It doesn't solve the problem of one conference being stacked while another doesn't deserve a BCS bid (cough:ACC:cough). I'll let Matt give his two cents on it first.

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