Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You've probably heard about Michael Jordan's fun as a newly single man. You might have heard that he had a lot of fun. But what about the other side? What were they thinking? Thankfully, Hubie Brown is here to sort it all out:

You're a 15 year old girl who could pass for 21. You're incredibly attractive and well endowed. Now let's say you're mature beyond your years, so the boys in high school interest you little if at all. Now you find yourself on vacation at a remote Caribbean island with less restrictive laws than the U.S. You're allowed to inbibe alcoholic beverages in public. You're at a nightclub when a handsome, slightly older African-American gentleman approaches you. At first you don't recognize him, but then you say to yourself, "Holy smokes, it's Michael Jordan!" Now you're presented with a quandary: This man, who is old enough to be your father, finds you alluring and requests the pleasure of your company. You're very excited, due in some small part to the rum you've been drinking, and you allow yourself to be whisked away by this man. The next morning you wake up conflicted. You just had a passionate evening with the greatest basketball player who's ever lived, but if this escapade had occurred in your home country it would have been at least a misdemeanor. What do you do?

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